Empires Colonial


Colonial Empires is a game focused on the survival of your village.

Colonial Empires is a game of colonization and survival, you have to maintain the survival of your villagers in your colony, you can build your empire from scratch.

Protect and grow your villagers as they conquer more land and explore new resources and new materials to create a bigger and stronger virtual village.

With Empires Colonial you will be able to control your villagers to perform different tasks, from gathering to hunting, always remember to assign the villagers to a task otherwise they will be able to wander and that is not good for your colony.

Always remember to keep your villagers and your colony always within the appropriate food and happiness parameters, otherwise they will die, and they are also not prepared for attacks from possible enemies.

In Colonial Empires you will have to manage your colony efficiently and with a firm hand so that your villagers can be productive enough to expand into the new world with your colony.

Remember that Colonial Empires works offline, so you can pause the game at any time and save your village, although you can enjoy creating new worlds to improve your ability to create colonies and manage villages.